Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Embracing Divine Feminism

The Mars-Venus transit has just finished its last dance in our Milky Way this past November 1st completing a very important happening in our lives and times; the universe shows us though this planetary event that male-female energy must come back into balance. The male-female within each of us and outside of us needs to find its way back to a more compassionate existence, a more peaceful, nurturing, matriarchal consciousness – very much the matriarchal consciousness that was buried and demonized which threw the world out of balance to begin with.

We need to be reminded of that matriarchal consciousness – the Divine Feminine which is re-awakening. We, each of us needs to re-claim our Divine Feminine and we need to 'crown' ourselves. This process starts from within. I have been at Wellness events where women come up to my table, pick up my crowns, and say, “I was just thinking, I need a crown!”   “Why, YES. YOU. DO,” I answer back. I encourage them to make their own because it is the process of making one that is most important. Your crown already exists; you’ve owned it through eternity.

While I earned my Masters in education, I particularly loved studying theory. One of my favorite theorists, the one I base all of my teaching on, was Lev Vygotskey who was a sort of renegade of his time. Vygotsky taught about learning through social context, through play or through one’s own social construct of the world.  In other words, the opposite of how we educate, which is so succinctly described in Charles Dicken’s novel, “Hard Times.” Education should not be a method to fill our minds with facts and rules that source from society which suffocate and suppress the genius of our own creativity. Our CREATIVITY should define us, particularly as women since we are the creatrixes. 

I extended Vygotsky’s theory and married it to inspired meditations to facilitate a mode to reclaim our Divine consciousness through the social construct of a workshop. We get to ‘play’ while we create a crown spoken to us through our own code of love and light. It is a process to remind us, to reveal truth, and celebrate our feminine. The process to reveal the Divine Feminine is what I define as New Age Feminism, or Divine Feminism whereby we work from within – freeing ourselves from the systemic patriarchal cover-up that has plagued this world suppressing women, and men into an un-balanced world wreaking chaos. This is why we need balance. Balance is key. The pendulum has swung through many faces of feminism, which were important to get us here, however now we need to find center. We find center by lifting the veil and reclaiming our Feminine Divine.

The process by which we avail ourselves to lifting the veil is a personal journey. My crown-making workshops are just one avenue. I urge you that whichever avenue you seek, find one that will also bring you in the company of other women. In her outstanding book, “Reveal,” by Meggan Watterson, her last chapter (she brilliantly calls each chapter a ‘Veil’) she devotes the ‘Seventh Veil’ to speaking about “gatherings of women” and tells us about many groups that existed in history. Gathering with other women in the spirit of love and light, is AMAZING! I am looking forward to attending Meggan Watterson’s “Reveal Retreat” next summer with Kyle Gray, the 'Angel Whisperer.' What a Mars/Venus happening this will be. 
For information about “Reveal” and Meggan Watterson's books go to:

I often send crowns to random women who inspire me either with their courage, their sharing of spirit or whatever message I get to do so. I sent one to Tosha Silver – her books amaze me – and as an astrologer she knows the essence and importance of this balance of the male-female energy. I made her crown way before I even knew who I was to send it to, and before I’d even heard about the Mars/Venus transit using gemstones that denoted female/male energy. I called it the Sun/Moon Crown and at just the right moment in time, I was led by spirit to contact her. She wrote about it in her blog which validated my work for me, I mean, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself "What are you doing?: Not everyone gets what the crown represents. Tosha Silver does.
For information from Tosha Silver and about the Mars/Venus transit, go to her website. Here is what she wrote about crowns:

And so with 2016 upon us, I find myself thinking about this past November, when the new moon was in my sign of Scorpio, and the Mars/Venus transit danced to its completion, I now contemplate my purpose. It never gets old - this contemplationb- and hopefully I will continue to evolve and renew, however this time around, the Mars/Venus transit hits home in a very big way because I was born a fraternal twin. A psychic once told me that I was supposed to ‘crown’ first, but my twin brother pushed me out of the way five minutes sooner. I guess that this could be why I am obsessed with crowns, though more importantly with creating and helping others to be aware of and create the balance. I was born to do this. Crowns are our very own halos, our crown chakra – our gateway to the Divine our “I am Light,” “I am” presence. That Divine presence IS balance. One needs only to look at Nature to comprehend.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Home is Where the HEARTh is

I’ve been thinking lately of the goddess Hera, resonating with her energies as a married woman. Hera, Greek Queen of Gods, goddess of goddesses. Goddess of marriage. And her sister, Hestia, goddess of the hearth. Before the patriarchal consciousness buried the goddess, Hestia was honored in every home through the hearth. The flame in the hearth, was symbolic of Her.

An anonymous Mexican proverb runs through my mind almost daily,
“They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.” This speaks to me of the goddess consciousness. SHE seems to be buried everywhere, including words. And around them.

As I sat reading Goddesses in Everywomen, by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, reading about these goddesses seemed to ironically turn my left or male sided brain on, and my mind began to dissect words. Hera, has HER in it, and Heart, is hearth absent the H and Heart has Hera. Brain cells began to explode. I realized after writing an earlier version of this, (I had confused these two goddesses in my previous post and so this is the revised edition)  In my confusion, I realized something even deeper ; differing goddess archetypes are all part of the Divine Feminine consciousness which encompassed the physical and the non-physical realms. Body and Soul.

Yes, bear with me, this is going to be a stream of consciousness piece because I have no idea how else to explain what I’m trying to say other than to just put it out there and hope you see it too.

So, the HEARTh is where the flame burns, the flame that warms the home and where food is prepared by the wife, mother archetype, Hera, Her, and the symbolism of the flame to honor HER sister, Hestia, who nourishes the soul – as spirit. Hestia as the part of the Feminine Divine to remind us of our spirit. The HEARTH is the HEART of the Home, where spirit symbolically resides as “fire.”

Furthermore, I began to think of religious art. You know, the portraits of Jesus, or Mary where their HEARTS are exposed surrounded by a burning flame, with a tiny crown sitting atop the heart, sometimes expressed as part of the flames, sometimes clearly a crown. HER.

What exactly are these female archetypes telling us? For one thing, that the Female Divine is in us, beating with us, with all of us, and that SHE can never be buried. Our bodies are the hearth our spirit – the flame. The Female Divine is the heart, and when we live through our hearts, we are serving Her. WE are honoring her. We acknowledge and honor the Divine Feminine which cannot and will never be buried.

Our seeds are spread throughout the entire universe, are part of the great Source, and are part of the God/Goddess consciousness that was divided to elicit control in the world.

Reading does this to me. As a literature major, reading exhausted me. My brain would hurt from reading, because buried in the greatest classics of literature are great truths, and those truths fan the burning flame of our heart.

Words - according to Leonard Shlain, (The Alphabet Versus the Goddess) are directly associated to the left/male side of the brain where logic lives. Shlain also tell us that the onset of literacy was the onset of the patriarchal consciousness. So in an effort to suppress the matriarchal energies, logic trumped the female side of the brain that governs symbols and creativity. NOT.

Words are pregnant with meaning, mostly because they are surrounded by white space, and that is where the magic lies. The white space encourages us to use our female side of the brain, to turn on our creativity. To think outside the parameters of words where the heart of the matter resides.

Heart. Hearth. Hestia. Her. Hera. Queen of the Gods. Heart and Soul.



Monday, June 29, 2015

Holistic Promotes Well-Being and Balance

Holistic Promotes Well-Being and Balance

Let’s talk about what I think a goddess does best; keeping the balance. In order to celebrate the Divine Feminine, one cannot forget about Mother Earth, Gaia. When we honor the Divine Feminine in us, we honor the Earth and all that is. We must become conscious of what we put in the world within us, and all around us. This is why I have created the tabs on my website, as parts of the whole, or a holistic approach; Reclaim, Renew, Recycle, and Read. A little bit of what you need to do every day. HOLISTIC.
In 1999 I attended a writing retreat in Maui, Hawaii, truly a magnificent event for many reasons, particularly, Maui – Oh! I do hope to return there one day. You cannot ignore the awe-inspiring brilliance of nature there. Nature deems respect. Everywhere. I do believe that Nature is the Divine speaking to us as a role model. Think about it. I’ll use GMO’s as an example. We screw around with the NATURAL genetics of food, we eat genetically modified food, and suddenly food allergies are the big thing. I can’t eat genetically modified grains. I stay away from GMOS as much as I possibly can by educating myself about them. I read.
 If I am out and cannot control the GMO’s in my food, I do what I can. I balance if I know I can’t do any one thing 100% which is something I learned from a famous screenwriter at that Maui-Writer’s Retreat. He said that in order to be a good writer (and I say in order to be a good anything) you must learn to balance. He shared how he spent his day; he wrote in the morning, spent time with his family, spent time in nature, spent time to socialize, and spent time to rest. HOLISTIC.
So when you feel overwhelmed trying to juggle all the important aspects of your life, like meditating, working, care-taking, eating right, exercising - and the list goes on and on for many of us, remember to balance. If I know that I only have a little bit of time to do XYZ, I alter the time allotments I have for any one aspect of my day. If I am feeling out of sorts in any category, I allow more time for that category. Like today. I know I need to be outside more than inside. After I finish this blog, I’m heading to spend some time with Mother Nature.
Find ways to incorporate categories too, family time with nature time, or meal time with family time, or recycling time with family. Get the HOLISTIC picture?
And please don’t forget RESPECT – Hmmm, I think I’ll add that as a new tab to my website. Respect Nature, Respect yourself, and respect others. We are all one. Here's a great book Dr. Wayne Dyer gifted me for calling in on his Hayhouse radio show. Thank you Dr. Dyer!

The One Mind, by Larry Dossey


Ode to Maui with my Aphrodite Crown:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hail the Queen Mothers

Hello Divine Ladies,

I realize that Mother's day is over, but truth is every day really is mothers day. Isn't it?

 Last week I went to an event for women at a local library. The friend who invited me said it was little bit yoga, a little bit meditation, “It’s good,” she said. “I think you should come.” I highly admire this friend, she is a healer, and an awesome woman. So I went.

I didn’t know what to expect. We sat in a circle, with battery operated candles in the center of the room. The speaker addressed the group and said that this night was going to be about getting anger out. Anger she said, resides in the body and causes illness, and pain. The mind – body connection can wreak havoc in an angry body. A great book on this subject is, The Mind-Body Code by Dr. Mario Martinez.

We went through a series of yoga breathes, and made a lot of noise letting the anger go. A lot of noise. It got very, very LOUD and intense. I enjoyed the process, got a little dizzy, and admired the teacher’s sincere interest in healing women.

The surprise for me was that many of these women were over seventy. These quiet little women were releasing torrents of anger. I wondered what they were angry about.

Then I started thinking about my mission to empower women one crown at a time. I suddenly imagined all of these reverent Queen Mothers wearing crowns. All of them. God Knows, they’ve been around a heck of a lot longer than I and at times when being a women was pretty darn hard. I don’t know their stories, but I know mine, and I know that I feel extremely blessed that I have decided to devote myself to awakening the Feminine Divine to my sisters, now when it is ever so ripe and blooming. I kinda have it easy. I suddenly admired their cathartic cries bellowing through a closed room in a public library. I just came across this article which illuminates why women may be angry,

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon sewing with my 88 year old mother. We’ve made the first floor of her home accessible and comfortable to address all of her needs – except her sewing room. I needed to make some pillows for my crowns and do some alterations and I knew I needed her guidance.. Her sewing machine is in the basement, so she asked me to bring my portable sewing machine over so she wouldn’t have to go up and down.

She had been asking me for a portable sewing machine for weeks now. I thought she wanted it for my sister in law, but now it has occurred to me that she wants one too. As I sewed, she hovered around me observing what I was doing, offering me her expertise, and buzzing like a contented bee. She began to pull projects she had buried in drawers and closets and made eager plans to complete them. I realized that for the first time in months, my mother was moving with ease, her speech was animated, she wasn’t complaining about how tired she was, and how she needed to nap. She was alive because she was tapping into her Divine Feminine, she was creating in the language of sewing, once fluent to her, and for decades. Even though she knits now, she had missed her sewing space, and her craft. I cleared away a space in the corner of her dining room and set my portable sewing machine there.

My mother was in her ‘element.’
Sir Ken Robinson’s book on this subject is excellent. I was happy for her. We were talking about all kinds of things other than the usual ailments and dreary news, so I told her about the event I had attended at the library. I told her how there were a lot of women her age there. I asked her, “What could they possibly be so angry at?”

 “Everything!” she answered quickly. “Everything?” I replied. “Like what?” She answered, “A lot of things, like not being able to do what we used to do. Or go where we want to go. Everything.” It hit me, not being able to do what she wanted to do at a time in her life when she'd already paid her dues, when she was free from child-rearing, managing a home and serving a husbands needs. She'd earned the right, hadn't she?

I had been so busy making crowns for other people, strangers, and friends, I forgot my own mother. I will make my mother a crown for her upcoming 89th birthday. I know she will love it. She certainly deserves it. Creatrixs of every age NEED TO BE CREATIVE! 

Just now, as I have been readying this article for this blog, that very same friend who brought me to the library event (Hi Rosemary!) posted this on my Facebook wall. Yup. There's stuff to be angry about. Those Queen Mothers from the library, they need their jewels replaced on their crowns! And then some.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Divine Ladies,

I'd love for you to attend my Workshop to RECIAIM©, Celebrate and Honor the Divine Feminine, on Saturday, June 6th, from 1-5 PM. We will identify and celebrate all that is divine and that which empowers us as women. And what would a celebration be without a crown? My workshop will include making your own crown with semi-precious stones, and crystals. The workshop will culminate with a crowning ceremony, where we will crown ourselves - our own feminine Divine - an energy the world truly needs now to heal ourselves and others.

Through the process of creating your crown, you might uncover what could be hindering you from getting started on a project you've been trying to kick start, or perhaps overcoming a fear, or releasing the past while you choose certain stones and crystals which connect with your own chakra system. Also, you may discover and celebrate your strengths and gifts, your unique code of love and light. We will discuss the chakras, and how this crown can aid you in calling in your higher self.

You won't believe how liberating and empowering this can be. You can use your crown for meditating, or when you need to remind yourself of your feminine divine nature, or to inspire artistic expression. After practicing and using this empowerment tool, you will feel it on your head even when it isn't physically there.

This workshop is fifty dollars. I will have additional third eye charms prepared for purchase and other jewelry as well as accessories for your crown.

Please RSVP as soon as possible at                                              

Janis Seminara
A workshop in action, participants writing their reflections after the meditation, next step picking their stones, then making their crowns, according to their own chakra information.

One of my Favorite books.

One of my favorite books, and one that informed me in an immense and powerful way about how the Feminine Divine was buried, is Leonard Shlain's book, "The Alphabet Versus the Goddess." I had lent it to someone with all my notes and never had it returned, however I just ordered a new copy, eager to re-read and take more notes. It is well worth reading. Leonard Shlain was a surgeon and a professor and in this book he outlines the demonization of the Goddess from a historical, anthropological, and religious point of view, discussing the development of the brain and how the development of alphabetic literacy rewired the brain which ultimately redefined gender roles. Shlain claimed that "somewhere, somehow, man decided that he was superior to women, instead of equal...and that the demonization of women's power happened from a "unique way the human nervous system developed, and the evolution of the alphabet, which allowed alphabets to profoundly affect gender relations." Shlain proposed that "the alphabet was primarily responsible for fostering patriarchy." He described the main characteristics of the feminine as, "Wholeness, simultaneity. and synthesis," while the masculine  as,"sequential, analytic, abstract." This is a fascinating and wonderful example of how the male/female powers must be equal, not just for equality sake, but rather to combine the qualities of both genders to create a whole. I believe this is the last wave of feminism; to finally understand that one should not empower the other. It isn't about being in control, it is about reclaiming our innate Feminine Divine, and the beautiful qualities Leonard Shlain described as a means to restore humanity. In my play, "Goddesses in the Garden," my characters are archetypes of these qualities. It is from this play that I created Goddesses in the Garden today, as a blog, my work and my Facebook pages to share in this celebration of the Feminine Divine, and to help women of all ages reclaim her. I believe the crown workshops, in a subtle way remind us of our "Wholeness, simultaneity. and synthesis" (Shlain) in a profound way. My next workshop will be on Saturday, June 6th. An Invitation will follow. please email me for details. or look for the event posted on my Facebook page, Goddesses In the Garden. Space is limited,



Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hello Divine Ladies,

I have been celebrating the Feminine Divine through my RECLAIM! Crown Workshops since my last blog. It is such a blessing to watch the magic unfold; tuning in, reclaiming and celebrating the divine feminine, our birthright as women,

I am so happy to announce that my Reclaim! Workshops can come to you! Host a workshop in your home, with anywhere from 7 to 10 Divine ladies. The generosity of your time and space will bring you a free extensive report on the stones you choose, a free third eye charm, and a beautiful rose quartz to charge your crown on, Please email me for workshop pricing at

If you would like to do a workshop via Skype or facetime, this is totally possible. Please email for those details as well,

Also, I will be having more personal workshops, one to one or up to three, in my Garden City Office, every other Thursday, from 3-6. If Thursday doesn't work, we can try and find another slot.
Again email me for an appointment.

Finally, I'd love to share some of the beautiful crowns crafted by my divine participants, and some pictures from an actual workshop. Hope to meet you soon.